15 April 2015

Intrepid Technology announces the availability of the Clang UPC version 3.5.1-0 compiler. Clang UPC is a Unified Parallel C compiler that extends the capability of the Clang/LLVM compiler and tool set.

For further information on the UPC language and this implementation consult http://clangupc.github.io.

This release is based on Clang/LLVM 3.5 and provides the following components:

  • Clang UPC
    UPC language compiler.

  • Clang UPC2C
    UPC to C translator compatible with the Berkeley UPC toolset.

It has been tested on the following configurations:

  • Intel (Xeon) (64 bit)
  • AMD (Opteron) (64/32 bit)
  • Intel i686 (32 bit)
  • PowerPC (Power7) (64 bit)

More information on Clang UPC configuration and install can be found at the Clang UPC web page.

Runtime Environments

Clang UPC provides two runtime environments:

  • SMP
    Shared memory symmetric multiprocessing

  • Portals4
    Infiniband networking with Portals 4.0 reference library support

The SMP runtime is the default configuration. To use the Portals4 runtime please use the -DLIBUPC_RUNTIME_MODEL:=[smp|portals4] option when configuring with cmake.

More information on the Portals4 based runtime can be found on its project web page.


The following three source code components of Clang UPC are available for download: llvm-upc, clang-upc, and upc2c at GitHub download page.

For convenience a tarball release of all three components is also provided.

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