Clang UPC consists of two separate GitHub projects (components): llvm-upc and clang-upc. Optionally, you can also download the Clang upc2c translator.

Clang UPC 3.9.1-1

Download all components together

For the end user convenience all three components (llvm-upc, clang-upc, and upc2c) are put together in one downloadable file.

Download components separately

Each of the components can be downloaded separately.

Due to some issues related to the GitHub release files naming, follow these steps to make sure that all the files are unpacked in their right places:

  • Download all three components with your browser’s “Save As” commands. Save the files as llvm-upc-3.9.1-0.tar.gz, clang-upc-3.9.1-1.tar.gz, and _upc2c-3.9.1-0.tar.gz.

  • Create source directory and unpack files

mkdir src; cd src
tar --strip-components 1 xf /path/to/tar/llvm-upc-3.9.1-0.tar.gz
cd tools; mkdir clang; cd clang
tar --strip-components 1 xf /path/to/tar/clang-upc-3.9.1-1.tar.gz
cd tools; mkdir upc2c; cd upc2c
tar --strip-components 1 xf /path/to/tar/upc2c-3.9.1-0.tar.gz
cd ../../../..

Clone GitHub repositories

The other option for downloading is to simple clone all the necessary directories. Follow these steps to checkout all the necessary components:

mkdir src; cd src
git clone -b clang-upc-3.9.1-0 .
mkdir tools/clang; cd tools/clang
git clone -b clang-upc-3.9.1-1 .
mkdir tools/upc2c; cd tools/upc2c
git clone -b clang-upc-3.9.1-0 .